John Williams, Founder and Principal Consultant
John has worked in the construction industry for over 30 years. With practical experience across every aspect of construction – from working with owner operators, Architects, designers, engineers, contractors and sub-contractors – he brings richly informed insights to meeting the challenges of a changing world.

Previous roles have seen John in operational and management roles involving CAD (Computer Aided Design), GIS (Geographical Information Systems), Systems Integration, Systems and Business Analysis and Application Development. John created Pyrenees Consulting to bring a wide range of skills to companies ranging from large multi-nationals to smaller firms where a deep grasp of how the construction industry works enables him to drive rapid process improvements for customers.

John’s consultancy experience includes, but is by no means limited to:

His most recent consultancy role was heading up the consultant team for Excitech. John’s initial engagement was on Data Management after which he moved into the role of Head of Professional Services, followed by the Head of Consulting position.
BAA Heathrow Terminal 5
Five-year project at Heathrow consulting with the business on the largest construction project in Europe at the time. Here John was also responsible for developing software for process improvement for the design teams on the project, as well as validation software for AutoCAD, the development of Asset Management strategies, database design and early iterations of BIM processes and methodologies.
Atomic Weapons Establishment
Extensive consultancy involvement in an integration project to bring together a 2000-seat document management implementation and a new CAD Standards initiative. During the course of this project John ran many workshops, consulted, authored requirements and educated the teams.
Welsh Local Authorities In an R&D role, John’s responsibilities covered programming and application development for the highway design teams within the local authority. He implemented the software and hardware necessary for supporting the authorities’ transition to CAD, including data migration from the legacy systems and also coded their GIS system.