Business is Personal
Pyrenees Consulting has a personal approach to helping you identify future directions for your business and how to realise them swiftly and cost-effectively; minimising risk factors and ensuring optimum ROI. Working as your partner, we help make you more competitive in the construction industry, empower you to meet your customer expectations faster and increase your business potential.

This starts with looking at where the best business opportunities lie, what the essential steps are to align with overall construction industry requirements, trends, practices and regulations. We work with you to build on your current processes and systems to move forward and fulfil your business aspirations.

Most importantly, this all starts with people. Will they benefit from process improvements? Will new and faster ways of doing things enable them to work better? Are they committed to the idea that new technologies can make it easier to work smarter, collaborate with others in the construction value chain and produce better outcomes for customers?

All our projects start with these considerations; listening to your concerns and understanding your challenges and goals; addressing your workflows in a pragmatic way to take every day processes to a higher level, supporting your operational efficiencies and driving future growth.

An enormous amount of duplication, waste, unnecessary process and the production of outputs less than 100% fit for purpose takes place in AEC firms. This all adds to project costs and hinders progress. It doesn’t have to be that way.

We help you bring lean principles into the heart of your processes to remove waste and increase productivity. This involves three defined stages:

i. Baseline analysis: identify your business needs.
ii. Process mapping: audit your current processes to see how they address the requirements and where the root causes of waste and inefficiency are hidden.
iii. Process re-engineering: recommend the actions we need to take to drive a more efficient business.

Collaboration through the supply chain is one of the most significant changes to have swept through the construction industry in decades. It is made possible by technology, particularly how information is passed from one stage of the construction process to the next.

We help you make sense of the complexities of the digital world, particularly from the perspective of knowing where to start or where to go next. Embracing digital can seem to some like a mountain to climb. We bring it rapidly within your grasp:

i. Create a strategy: define what supports your competitive edge and how to align your company’s practices with customer expectations.
ii. Define the achievable: we look for realistic goals that can transform your business efficiencies with ease; no major disruption, just progressive steps in the right direction.
iii. Support the journey: we accompany you along the way, making sure teething problems are quickly resolved, users are comfortable with the change and the objectives are realistically and pragmatically addressed.

Architects, designers and contractors are becoming more involved in the process of information management. This is because owner operators tend to delegate the responsibility. It should not be seen as an onerous task but it does require focus, organisation, robust systems and specific user skills.

The more you understand about the requirements the greater accuracy you can achieve in driving clarity, avoiding ambiguity and delivering what the client wants. Pyrenees Consulting helps you move towards being an information management focussed business:

i. Define requirements: we help you create an asset management strategy enabling you to meet the challenge of data-rich specification and requirements at both the Asset Information Requirements (AIR) and Employer’s Information requirements (EIR) stages of a project.
ii. Identify skills/systems: a wide range of skills are essential to meet these challenges so we can help align your current team understanding of how to work with new systems.
iii. Allocate roles: Pyrenees Consulting can take on the complete role for information management if required; alleviating the pressure on your firm to dilute its focus on core skills in order to accommodate new processes. This is a practical option particularly for the SME.

From the assessment and implementation of Document Management Systems, through to numerous BIM-related systems, new initiatives in the area of data management, file storage and transfer, collaboration processes…the list of options for business improvement is a long one.

We help you make sure not just that you pick off the right areas to prioritise but also that you proceed quickly from decision to implementation:

i. Plan: we will break the task down into a logical staged plan and identify resource required from stakeholders, stakeholder and management expectations plus timings for milestone deliverables.
ii. Manage: we will then take on the role of project manager to assure that the plan moves forward according to the goals established.
iii. Adopt: upon completion we will work closely with your team to stimulate rapid familiarity and adoption.